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Show Series 2018

Show Date (Satuday)
Closing Date (Tuesday)
Show Comments
Saturday, May 5, 2017
Tuesday, May 1st Sara Duclos  
Saturday, June 2, 2018 Tuesday May 29th TBD  
Saturday September 1, 2018 Tuesday, August 28th TBD  
Saturday October 6, 2018 Tuesday, October 2nd TBD  

Dressage Schooling Shows Information:
Entry fees: $30 per test.
All dressage, eventing, and Western Dressage test are welcome.

Show manager must receive payment by closing date. Entry fee is non-refundable after the closing date.
Make checks payable to: Evergreen Farm, LLC

Show Manager: Pam Dors Email: evergreendors@juno.com Phone: 540-955-0529

Mail Entries to: Evergreen Farm 131 Allegheny Ridge Lane • Berryville, VA 22611

All rides must be per-entered. All rides must be entered by the closing date. ANY release form or coggins emailed or faxed to the farm will incur a $10 office fee. Late entries will fit into schedule at the discretion of show manager. Show times will be posted by Thursday afternoon before the show.

Registration forms must be signed along with a negative Coggins test (dated within 1 year)

Formal attire is not essential, but safe attire and tack will be required.  The arena is a 20 M X 60 M full sized dressage court. If entries warrant we will do eventing in a 20 M X 40 M court.  Schooling is provided in a 150 X 100 sand / rubber all weather outdoor arena and 72 x100 sand/mulch Coverall. A 20 M round pen is available for lunging.

We will be using the USEF dressage tests that took effect December 2014.

Please, NO dogs allowed! This is a non-smoking equine facility. A concession stand will be available.

For printer friendly Registration Click here: EF Show Registration Form

Sport Horse In Hand Class: It is for all ages and sexes. If the horse is under two he/she may be shown in a plain leather halter, if he/she is over two a bridle MUST be used. This will be a great class to get some input from the judge as to the suitability of your horse for dressage and the conformation of your horse. Not to mention getting a youngster out and about! A score sheet will be returned to you with comments and suggestions. This class will be the FIRST class of the day and the rest of the show will follow immediately after.

Evergreen Farm, LLC • 131 Allegheny Ridge Lane, Berryville, VA 22611 • 540.955.0529 • evergreendors@juno.com